Who are the Charlotte Spokes People?

The award winning Charlotte Spokes People are the umbrella organization for the Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride, the Sunday Slow Riders, the Charlotte Bicycle Benefits program and Cycling Savvy bike workshops. We also organized BikeFest, which was Charlottes first Open Streets event.  We would like you to become a member! The only requirement is you ride your bike. It doesn’t have to be far or fast. Just get on a bike and go somewhere.  

Please fill out this questionnaire to help us get to know you better, and…

Come ride with us!

Our Members

The Charlotte Spokes People consist of Pamela, Ryan, Marley, and many others who contribute to the biking community in Charlotte. We strive to create a safe environment and informed riders to foster bicycle riding all year round in our beautiful, tree-filled city. The Charlotte Spokes People participate in and help create many bicycling events in Charlotte, including Alternative Transportation Week, Charlotte Bike Fest, PMTNR, Sunday Slow Riders and Cranksgiving.  

Pamela Murray (Founder)

Pamela Murray

Pamela tries to get everyone on a bike by inviting them to the Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride (PMTNR). She rides everywhere all the time.

Favorite Book: Pedaling Revolution by Jeff Mapes.

Favorite Bike: Rivendell Betty Foy.

Surprising Fact:  She doesn’t use a cell phone.

Marley Claridge (Founder)

Photo Credit: © Ryan Stachurski

Marley is a bicycle advocate and lover of vegetables. She likes adventures, especially ones powered by what nature gave her, her own two legs.

Favorite Book:  Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Favorite Bike: Her $50 craigslist mid-60s Sears cruiser.

Surprising Fact:  She wasn’t named after Bob Marley.

Ryan Stachurski (Founder)

Photo Credit: © Erik Minman, Head Craig

Ryan loves to build, hack, push the limits of science, and cook with the vegetables from his garden.

Favorite Food:  Vegan pizza.

Favorite Bike:  Anything with clip-ins.

Surprising Fact:  He’s not really Canadian.

Pel Deal

Pel Deal 

Pel likes to ride!

Surprising Fact:  He uses magic to keep the back of the pack perpetually linked to the leader.

 Dr. Leisure McCorkle

Dr. Leisure McCorkle

Dr. Leisure McCorkle is a cognitive and evolutionary anthropologist that specializes in ritual, language, and communication. Dr. McCorkle is a native of Charlotte, and has been an avid bike rider for most of his life. He also plays music, and has released four albums under the name Leisure McCorkle. Leisure joined the PMTNR in 2013, and has engaged himself in bike advocacy in Charlotte and the greater cycling community. He hopes to join an enthusiastic group of dynamic individuals to spread greater awareness of cycling and community as a member of The Charlotte Spoke People.