Bike Corrals

Bike Corrals encourage a culture of cycling to your destination.  They ensure everyone has a secure place to lockup and reinforce

the idea that bicyclists are welcome at the location.


Check out some of the projects the Charlotte Spokes People have played a roll in:



Birdsong Brewery

Terry Bopp, of Crafted Metal Designs, fabricated this awesome Bike Corral from salvaged metal and donated bicycle frames from the community.






Funded through the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association and with support from Hackerspace Charlotte, a number of individuals in the community stepped forward to build this organic ensemble from recycled scrap metals.  Will Fisher and Juan Ossa created this video to document the process.


If you have a great idea for a Bike Corral that you want to see come to fruition, let us know, or post it in the project proposals!