BikeFest 2015 will be Sunday May 15th from 12-5.

We’ll begin closing the street at 12 and we’ll start the activities at 1.

Want to help?  Sign up to volunteer by contacting me at pamlikestobike at

Meet at the church on Belvedere for the kids bike parade at 12:30.  The ride will leave at 12:45.
(The church is now called The Vine.  It was formerly called Kilgo United Methodist Church.)

Thanks for Birdsong for donating adult beverages for the volunteers.  Sign up now.




Come to 1800 Thomas Avenue for the contests

12:45  Contest registration opens (CLT Spokes People Table)

1:00 Trackstand Competition

1:30  Bike camping Q&A

2:00  Snail race

2:30  Social bike ride overview

3:00  Adult tricycle races

3:30  National Bike Challenge

4:00  Cargo Challenge

4:30  Cycling Savvy overview

4:45  Bike Bingo winner announced


Who’s coming?

Spoke Easy: check out the bike camping equipment and upcoming camping events

Dread’s Mobile Bike repair: Bike swap  – bring your bikes. bike parts and bike stuff to trade or sell.

Charlotte Cycles: check out their demo bike solutions

Bike Source – bike demos

Bike Camp for kids – bike decorating

Community table – check out community events

CX Town Trail – check out the plans for the cross town trail

Freak bikes by Midnight

Bike camp set up demonstrations

Bring some cash if you want to grab lunch from a food truck.  King of Pops will be here too!

For the kids:

Kids course will be set up between 1400-1800 Thomas Avenue.  Practice your bike skills.

Things to practice:

  • Stopping and starting
  • Straight line riding
  • Shoulder checks  – practice with a partner
  • Figure out your braking distance.  Stop with BOTH hands when using handbrakes.
  • Practice your balance stop.  See how long you can balance then pedal out of the stop.


Bike Benefits Bingo!

Play from May 1-15.

How to play: Get 5 in a row, turn in your card and check off the most spaces or participate in a random drawing for prizes!

Turn in your Bingo Cards at BikeFest or email them to me at pamlikestobike at
Put your name and email address or ph# so we can contact you if you win.



You can win prizes for the bike events or Bike Bingo.  Bring your card.

Bike shop gift cards

Common Market gift cards

Multi tool

Patch kit

T shirts




Here’s some stuff from past years.

Come out and join in the fun.

We hope everyone had a great time at BikeFest!

Here’s the link to the fun caught on camera: FoxCarolinas.


Promoting BikeFest on WBTV:

2014 BikeFest was Sunday 4/27/14 from 1-5.  Please like our Facebook page to make sure you’re in on the fun next year!

Click here for the BikeFest website.


BikeFest was one of the first events for 2014 Bike Charlotte which began April 25 and takes place through May 14, 2014.


I would like to invite you all to help support Charlotte’s only Open Street event where we open a street for people and close it to cars for a few hours.  The idea is to encourage people to get out of their houses and cars, meet their neighbors and get active.  2014 BikeFest was the 4th year for BikeFest and I hope it was the best. BikeFest takes place on beautiful, historic Thomas Avenue.  Plan to spend the day with us.  Click here for the website.


Planned Activities:

  • Bike parade to BikeFest
  • How to change a flat tire
  • How to lock your bike
  • Adult tricycle races
  • Slow bike race
  • Trackstand challenge
  • How to lube your chain
  • Bike washing station
  • Bike mechanic advice
  • Hula Hoops
  • Jump ropes
  • Buscycles
  • Kettle corn
  • Water bottle filling station
  • Yoga
  • Cardio Hip Hop
  • Chalk and crafts for kids
  • Bus bike rack
  • Music


Trips for Kids will be collecting your dusty, not rusty, bikes.  If you’re not riding your old bike, Trips for Kids will be able to use your old bike to teach bicycle maintenance to someone, keep your bike out of the landfill and provide some kids a mountain biking experience they wouldn’t have otherwise.  All with an old bike sitting in your garage taking up space.

Volunteer to help me if you can.  Sign up here.