It’s Time for the 2017 National Bike Challenge!

Hi Spokes People! Are you ready for the National Bike Challenge? I hope so, because it starts next Monday, May 1! I can’t wait to compete against other cities and–most importantly–kick the butts of a certain other local team who shall remain unnamed (in a friendly manner, of course. Here are the instructions for joining our team on the new National Bike Challenge site. Please note that even if you were on our team in previous years, you must join again this year.


  1. Go to and click the “Join the Challenge” button.

  2. The page prompts you to log in with Strava. If you don’t have a
    Strava account, you have to create one first.

  3. Here’s the slightly unintuitive part: you have to join our
    team on Strava, and then it will sync to the NBC. Click here to see
    our team on Strava:

  4. After you’ve joined, you should see the Charlotte Spokes People as
    one of your groups! There may be a short delay until it syncs.

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I've lived in the Charlotte area my entire life. When I am not riding my bike, I run, read, and hike.

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