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National Bike Challenge – update

We are about 100 days into the National Bike Challenge.  This year we have 239 riders who have logged more than 112,000 miles!  That's a lot of miles.  These people are actually riding their bikes. A LOT!  The Challenge ends September 30th.  The competition will end but hopefully we'll all still be riding.

I'm planning a celebration for September 26th.  I'll try to round up some prizes that we can give away to the riders of the Challenge.  If you're observant, you'll notice this is on the same night as Critical Mass.  We'll have the celebration at the stop for September Critical Mass.  If you'd like to donate a prize, let me know.  These people have logged some serious miles during the Challenge.  It'll be fun to see them win something too.

Keep riding!  I'll look for you on the streets of Charlotte.

Upcoming Bike events scheduled

The calendar is filling up.  There's so many great bike events scheduled in the next few months.

Tonight: Critical Mass for August.  I think we're headed to the new OMB.

9/1 – Yard Art Day 2 pm ride from EcoLicious.  We'll ride around to view the various art installations.

9/6 – Common Ground music festival from 12-11 pm in Plaza Midwood.  The best way to arrive is by bike since the parking will be tight otherwise.

9/19 – National (Park)ing Day – hopefully I'll get it together to install a temporary park in a parking space somewhere.  We need to appreciate green space and common spaces more than parking spaces.  Thanks for riding your bike to help support green spaces.

9/20 International Day of Peace Scavenger Hunt to benefit a Travel Scholorship for Hosteling International.

9/26 – September Critical Mass

10/3 – New Belgium Brewing Clips.

If you would like to volunteer for the Clips event please message Harry Johnson with your e-mail address and telephone #. He'll add you to the master list and send to you the New Belgium volunteer tracking sheet which lists specific slots that need to be filled.

Here's the Facebook page for the Charlotte event, "LIKE" it, and start inviting friends.https://www.facebook.com/events/202431339967814/

10/4 Plaza Midwood Art Crawl

10/9-11 NC Bike Summit in Greensboro

10/31 Halloween Critical Mass – I think there will be a Star Wars theme

See the calendar for links and details.  

And all of these are in additon to the normally scheduled rides.  Get on your bike and ride!