Daily Archives: March 24, 2020

Challenge yourself

Is the cup half empty or half full?

Remember all the times you said, “If I had more time, I would…” Well, now is the time. Now is the time to use the nice dishes, light the good candle, love your family, appreciate your home, ride your bike. Yes, ride your bike. The time you had spent driving to/from work, to/from school… going wherever. That’s over. Now you have plenty of time to ride.

And come time to complete some other challenges. I’ll share mine and will list a few more.


  1. How many days can you ride your bike consecutively?
    • Goal: See if you can ride the entire 21 days of the Stay at Home order.
  2. How many miles can you ride in a month?
    • Goal: I think I could easily ride 500 miles but 1,000 would be a real challenge.
  3. Can I reduce my trash for the week?
    • Goal: Limit trashfor 1 whole week in a 1 pint ice cream container. I’ll compost and recycle a lot.
  4. How long can I go without going to the grocery store?
    • Goal: 14 days. Bartering doesn’t count.
  5. How long can I go without buying anything or spending any money?
    • Goal: 1 month. Bartering doesn’t count. Consumerism isn’t good. And I won’t order anything either.
  6. Eat all home cooked, non processed food. Make your own food from whole food. Dried pasta is ok. But not a frozen meal.
    • Goal: 1 week or more.

The bottom line is you can challenge yourself and use this time to make the best of it. And it can take your mind off all the things you can’t do. Here’s some things you can focus on.