PMTNR blog post by Bethanie

One of the most fun things about PMTNR is the people you meet when you come ride.  Bethanie is one of those people.  I think she's awesome because she is always willing to help, give an opinion and is always so positive.  She also happens to be an armed forces veteran, a single mom, a raft guide, works with children and is a great writer.  And since she's competitive, I'm sure she'll be the top ranked female in the Charlotte, NC National Bike Challenge before it ends.  Right now she's #2.  Right behind the girl who rode across the country.  But Bethanie is just a few points behind.  

Here's a post from her blog about PMTNR.  She gets what the ride is all about.

And a big thanks to all the people who make PMTNR possible.

Ryan – tech support, maps

Marley – leading the ride, and for bringing Henry

Matt – map support

Mark – supplying people with bikes

Ride leaders – Bethanie, Scott, Tate, Grace, Tony, Miguel, Zeke, Jonathon, Leisure, Yamo, Liz

And most important – Pel – for riding sweep and being the most supportive patient person on the planet

Thanks for riding with us.  Invite your friends.  

I hope to ride with you soon.

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