Rules of the Ride

1.  Don’t pass the leader or you’re on your own (ride).

The leader is designated by a reflective triangle.  If other people know the route, they will also have reflective triangles.  Only follow the large crowd or the reflective triangles.  Ride leaders are familiar with the route in advance and are designated with a reflective triangle.  Only follow the designated leaders.  Or use Glympse to find us.

2.  Ride in one lane – May use full lane.

I believe the safest place in the lane is in the middle of the lane for maximum visibility.  We like to stay in one lane to allow motorists to pass in the other lane.  If we are turning left, we will be in the left hand lane.    Always ride on the right side of the road (in the road, and not on the sidewalk).

3.  Obey all traffic signals.

When the group is large, the group will get divided up.  It happens.  Stop at the light and wait your turn.  Do not try to stop traffic.  Do not run lights.  Find us at the next regrouping stop – every 2 miles or so.

4.  Communicate passing, turns and slowing with hand signals.

Make sure everyone around you knows where you are.  Do not get hit or run into someone.  Communication is very helpful to everyone.  If someone calls out a hazard, please call it back so others will be aware behind you.

A helmet and lights (front and rear) are required.  If you ride a tall bike, brakes are also required.  If you ride fixed, you need  to be able to stop your bike.  You need to be able to stop at ALL times -especially in a big group.  Be prepared to stop at all times.  Use BOTH brakes for maximum braking power.

Rider responsibilities:

Each traffic decision you make is YOUR responsibility.  Only you can decide whether each intersection is clear to cross.  We plan the ride and the route.  Your riding is your responsibility.

Ride responsibly.  Open containers are against the law and are not allowed.  Wheelies, bunny hops, hopping curbs are frowned upon.  If you fall and someone runs you over, that’s your problem.  Do that on your own ride.  Hazardous riders will be asked to leave.  The safety of the group is important.  Let’s all have fun.

We generally plan regrouping stops to make sure the group is together along the way.  We do not want anyone to get left or lost.

Updated: 3/25/16



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