I've had the good fortune to meet so many great people through riding my bike.  Rocky is the one person who is more enthusiastic about riding than I am.  And that's alot of enthusiasm.  He was a friend of a friend and I finally got to meet him and ride with him.  He is one of my bike heros for his positive energy, how he rides all the time and he is a quite skilled and fast mountain bike and road bike rider.  Here's an excerpt from one of his facebook posts.  

"Today I will ride , not just ride but try to do it in another way. Just get on my bike and go, take roads that I don't know, explore… We all have our own meaning in riding, some it is competition others it is a good time… but to me it has always been about being at peace and clearing my head not getting it all cloudy with different thoughts . I sometimes forget (how old I am) when I get that rythm on road or in the trail, which I miss more than anything, the woods are the best place to be at times for just getting it out and having fun but the road now seems to be my place of therapy. Riding through the city is a blast , all the energy around you, cars, buses and people and the the lightrail. I always love to ride next to the Light Rail cause you can hear the energy coming through the tracks right before it gets to you. You try and beat it before it gets to the next stop. It is pure that sound. I always say the Kinectic energy surrounds all of us when we are moving on two wheels. We are part of that energy. It is just simply amazing… and the bike has helped…  I am a cyclist who loves to just get out and ride…Now Ride a Bike…"

I'm so thankful I've met these people through bicycling through Charlotte.  I've met the best people on bikes.  My kids call them "bike people".  Bike people are the best.  As Rocky says, Ride a Bike!