Philly Bike Expo 2022


Philly Art Museum: Tim, Ashly, Pam, David. Nicole, Leah, Melanie, John, Roberta. Shreve, Ben.

Ride to PBE22

Riding Philly Streets Presented by John Allen, CyclingSavvy, Room 124

Party Pace ride to the Keystone Bike Party

Route https://ridewithgps.com/routes/41005336 

Demo:  How to strap stuff on the bicycle.

Everyday carry — what to take with you. Tools, straps etc. Packing to travel what to take on the train, 24 hour tour, lights, self-supported tour

I attended the Philly Bike Expo this year with Tim Cherry and John Allen, 2 fellow CyclingSavvy Instructors. We teamed up with the Coalition of Appropriate Transportation. Scott Slingerland who is an integral part of CAT is also a CyclingSavvy instructor. Our goal was to build some awareness and interest for CyclingSavvy. John hosted a ride to the Expo Saturday morning, presented a seminar on riding Philly streets using CyclingSavvy strategies and techniques. I gave a demonstration and introduction to my Rivendell Betty Foy. I discussed items I carry everyday to make her bike more practical. I pulled everything out of my bags and purse. My bike is over 10 years old and has over 68,000 miles on it. It’s set up as a do it all bike. I ride daily. Later I hosted a Party Pace ride to the Keystone Bike Party. We had the distinct pleasure of riding with about 25 people to the party. Notably Leah Petersen on her raspberry Platypus and Will and James from Rivendell among others. Keystone threw a great party and had raffle prizes. I won a sweet Reload BRAAP bag. Thanks to everyone for such a fun weekend connecting with all the fun bike people.