Upcoming Bike Charlotte 2024 classes

Come join me for a class to learn how to ride in all weather conditions, how to shop by bike and how to ride with your children. Each class will consist of a discussion, bike skills and a short bike ride. Here’s the link for more details. Registration is required.

Contact me with any questions
Pamela Murray
980 288 4801

The Events:

All-Weather Bicycling
Monday, April 18, 7 PM
Midwood Baptist Church
2029 Mecklenburg Ave,
Charlotte, NC 28205

Buy By Bike
Friday, May 3, 10 am – noon
St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
1510 E 7th St,
Charlotte, NC 28204

Kidical Mass Family Bike Ride
Sun, May 12 (Mother’s Day), 10 am – noon
Piedmont Middle School
1241 E 10th St,
Charlotte, NC 28204

Please keep in touch for future events. Send me an email to be added to the email list.