Cycling Savvy

Spring events

We have lots of events planned to get you out biking more.

CyclingSavvy Full course – May 31 – June 2.
Buy By Bike ride and class – May 3
S24O – May 4
Kidical Mass Family Biking ride and class – May 12 (Mother’s Day)
May 14 – PMTNR Bikes on a Train ride (CATS free w/bike 5/13-18)
Four Wards of Charlotte History Ride – May 18

The CyclingSavvy course is the one thing you can do to help you ride your bike more. It will help improve your bike handling skills, show you how to ride to any destination, and build your situational awareness. I challenge you to come see how much you can learn. Read what past students have said about the course.

The photo above is from a mid March 2024 at Central Park, NYC. With the skills and strategies I learned from CyclingSavvy, I was able to ride my bike from LaGuardia airport to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Seacuacus, NJ. I didn’t need to call a cab, take a taxi, pay tolls because I brought my bike with me.

Upcoming Bike Charlotte 2024 classes

Come join me for a class to learn how to ride in all weather conditions, how to shop by bike and how to ride with your children. Each class will consist of a discussion, bike skills and a short bike ride. Here’s the link for more details. Registration is required.

Contact me with any questions
Pamela Murray
980 288 4801

The Events:

All-Weather Bicycling
Monday, April 18, 7 PM
Midwood Baptist Church
2029 Mecklenburg Ave,
Charlotte, NC 28205

Buy By Bike
Friday, May 3, 10 am – noon
St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
1510 E 7th St,
Charlotte, NC 28204

Kidical Mass Family Bike Ride
Sun, May 12 (Mother’s Day), 10 am – noon
Piedmont Middle School
1241 E 10th St,
Charlotte, NC 28204

Please keep in touch for future events. Send me an email to be added to the email list.

Summer Events

CyclingSavvy workshop – June 23-25

Note: new date on bike overnight – 9/16

Full Moon Ride – July 3rd – 8 pm from Cheat’s Cheesesteak

Fancy Women’s Bike Ride – Sept 17 – 2 pm from Moxie Mercantile

Photo: Jeff Cravotta

Sub 24 Hour Overnight – Sept 16 – 2 pm

What is it? Here is the link to the Fall 2022 trip to Copperhead Island. This time we’ll camp at McDowell Nature Preserve since Copperhead isn’t available. Let me know if you’re interested and reserve your spot today.

2023 Bike!Charlotte

May is Bike month. Here are the events I have planned. Come join me for any or all of them! Contact me at pamlikestobike at gmail for any questions.

Tuesday, May 2

Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride

PMTNR is a fun bicycle ride for everyone!  Riders meet at the Plaza Midwood Common Market at 7:45 PM every Tuesday night.  The ride is from 8:00PM until 9:30PM and usually covers 15 miles. Lights and helmet required.  This ride is NEVER canceled. 

Location: Common Market, 2007 Commonwealth Ave., 28205

Time: 7:45 pm meet time, leave at 8 pm.

Cost: FREE!

Who Participates: Open to Everyone

May 3

CyclingSavvy Ride Awesome : Live Discussion

Join Ride Awesome.

Ride Anywhere. Ride Awesome!

This premium membership provides lifetime access to all current and future online courses (excluding professional certification courses). 

Benefits include:

Instant Access to Premiere Online Content: CyclingSavvy Basic & Mastery

Lifetime Access to All Online Content

Smart Moves Content

CyclingSavvy Essentials Short Courses

Savvy Cyclist Newsletter

Our Gratitude

Join CyclingSavvy Instructor, Pamela Murray, discuss Modules 1 and 2 via Zoom.  Link will be sent the prior day.  Sign up here.

Time: 7 pm

Cost: FREE! with Ride Awesome Membership ($100)

Who Participates: Ride Awesome Members

May 5

Full Moon Ride

Route will be about 20 miles.  Lights and helmet required.  Rain or shine.

Location: Zada Jane’s, 1601 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

Time: 8 – 10 pm

Cost: FREE!

Who Participates: Open to Everyone

Tuesday, May 9

Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride : Bikes on a Train ride

PMTNR is a fun bicycle ride for everyone!  Riders meet at the Plaza Midwood Common Market at 7:30PM every Tuesday night.  The ride is from 8:00PM until 10:30PM and usually covers 15 miles. Lights and helmet required.  This ride is NEVER cancelled. 

This week only.  Bikes on CATS is free.  10 and 20 mile ride options this week.  You can ride both ways or opt to put your bike on the light rail for one way.  Get on at the JW Clay station and get off at the Sugar Creek Station. Or you can choose to ride the whole way.

Location: Common Market, 2007 Commonwealth Ave., 28205

Time: 7:45 pm meet time, leave at 8 pm.

Cost: FREE!

Who Participates: Open to Everyone

May 12 – 14

3-Part Workshop – Charlotte NC, May 12-14

This is the 3 part workshop that includes 9 hours of bike fun!

Enhance your cycling experience!

What makes CyclingSavvy different from any other course is our deep dive into unique strategies for mastering even the most intimidating and complicated scenarios. You’ll be blown away by the places you can ride a bike without being a road warrior!

Truth & techniques is a virtual classroom session offered over Zoom. Train Your Bike is a bike handling skills class taught in a parking lot. The tour is an experiential on-road session where it all comes together. The classroom and bike handling sessions are required for participation in the tour.

On the Tour of Charlotte, we’ll travel as a group, stopping to survey and discuss each exercise location. After observing the feature, discussing the traffic dynamics and the best strategies for safe and easy passage, participants ride through individually and regroup at a nearby location.

Location: various

Time: Fri 4-7 pm, Sat and Sun 2 – 5 pm

Cost: $95 for all 3 sessions (scholarships available)

Who Participates: Open to Everyone

Contact: Pamela Murray @ or

May 12

Truth and Techniques – Zoom Virtual Classroom, May 12

This is the classroom presentation only. Attend from anywhere on Zoom. I promise the time will fly by.

Truth & techniques is a virtual classroom session offered over Zoom. This class is a pre-requisite to taking the on-bike sessions (Train Your Bike and Tour). 

You can take this class now and choose to take the on-bike sessions at a later date.

Location: Virtual via Zoom (a link will be emailed to attendees)

Time: 4-7 PM

Cost: $45

Who Participates: Open to Everyone

May 13

Train Your Bike, Charlotte NC

This is the skills session held in a parking lot. We will practice and sharpen your bike handling skills.

Learn & Enhance Bike Handling Skills

Hone your bike handling skills by joining our Train your Bike class on May 13 in Charlotte NC. This on-bike class is taught in a parking lot. Even experienced riders always learn something new.

Location: Midwood Baptist Church, 2029 Mecklenburg Ave., Charlotte NC 28205

Time: 2 – 5 pm

Cost: $45

Who Participates: Open to Everyone

May 16

Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride

PMTNR is a fun bicycle ride for everyone!  Riders meet at the Plaza Midwood Common Market at 7:45 PM every Tuesday night.  The ride is from 8:00PM until 9:30PM and usually covers 15 miles. Lights and helmet required.  This ride is NEVER canceled. 

Location: Common Market, 2007 Commonwealth Ave., 28205

Time: 7:45 pm meet time, leave at 8 pm.

Cost: FREE!

Who Participates: Open to Everyone

May 18 

Route Planning Workshop

Learn how to plan a comfortable route using Ride with GPS, Google Maps, and the Explore Charlotte GIS Map.  Learn how I can ride anywhere in Charlotte and anywhere I travel. This will be an interactive workshop.  Need a route?  We’ll figure one out.  Email pam for link.

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Time: 6 – 7 pm

Cost: FREE!

Who Participates: Everyone

May 20

Bicycle Day trip to Greensboro via Amtrak

We’ll ride to the Amtrak station, have lunch and a bike ride in Greensboro then return to Charlotte. Add your bicycle reservation when purchasing your train ticket. There is no additional bike fee between Charlotte and Raleigh. Only 4 more spots available. Make your bike reservation when you book your train ticket.

Location: Moxie Mercantile,  2008 Commonwealth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

9 am – 6 pm

Cost: your Amtrak ticket

Who Participates: Open to Everyone

May 21

Ride with a Cycling Savvy Instructor  – Plaza Midwood & Elizabeth History Bike Tour Historic Landmarks ride

Discover historic landmarks in the Plaza Midwood, Elizabeth, Belmont neighborhoods using cooperative and mindful bicycling and strategic route planning riding with a Cycling Savvy Instructor.  This will be about 15 miles with over 15 historic landmarks.

Location: Betty by Moxie,  1219 Thomas Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

Time: 2 pm

Cost: FREE!

Who Participates: Open to Everyone

May 23

Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride

PMTNR is a fun bicycle ride for everyone!  Riders meet at the Plaza Midwood Common Market at 7:45 PM every Tuesday night.  The ride is from 8:00PM until 9:30PM and usually covers 15 miles. Expect a crowd! Lights and helmet required.  This ride is NEVER canceled. 

Location: Common Market, 2007 Commonwealth Ave., 28205

Time: 7:45 pm meet time, leave at 8 pm.

Cost: FREE!

Who Participates: Open to Everyone

May 30

Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride

PMTNR is a fun bicycle ride for everyone!  Riders meet at the Plaza Midwood Common Market at 7:45 PM every Tuesday night.  The ride is from 8:00PM until 9:30PM and usually covers 15 miles. Lights and helmet required.  This ride is NEVER canceled. 

Location: Common Market, 2007 Commonwealth Ave., 28205

Time: 7:45 pm meet time, leave at 8 pm.

Cost: FREE!

Who Participates: Open to Everyone

Photo: Olly Yung 050223

Come ride with us!

Send me an email with Subject: Add me to your email list and I’ll send you an email of upcoming events. Here are some ideas for future events. Let me know if you have other suggestions or would be able to help me bring these things to life.

Meet a Bike Tourist (Bikepacker)

Loaded Bike Ride


Fancy Womens Ride


Fancy Women’s ride

Fall S24O


Cycle NC Mountains to Coast ride




Christmas Lights Ride



Spring S24O

How Cycling Savvy Helps

Here’s a 9 second video of how Cycling Savvy improves my riding safety and enhances my riding experience. This is on S. Tryon heading south. We are crossing I77 approaching Woodlawn Ave. Notice we are in the rightmost through lane. There is a right turn only lane to our right which leads to the on ramp for I77. We do not need to merge left for a lane change. We are riding 2 abreast and traffic can easily change lanes to pass. Since we are 2 abreast motorists can more easily pass since we are shorter in length than if we were riding single file. Listen for the honks. There are none. There is no traffic passing us because we are in the gap which the traffic light at Pressley/Tryon has created for us. We turned left onto Tryon from the parking lot across from Pressley. We also pressed the pedestrian button since the signal did not actuate for us. It may have given us additional pedestrian timing creating a longer gap in traffic for us.

If some of this terminology is foreign to you, please join me in my next Cycling Savvy course. We cover all these strategies and techniques.

Bikecamping Spring 2022

Although every year everyone is excited about the trip. We generally only have a handful of people. This trip we had eight riders to Copperhead Island at Lake Wylie, South Carolina. We rode about 20 miles with 25 mph gusts. It was windy and cold on the way out but had perfect weather at 61 degrees for the ride. We stopped at the Publix as usual and picked up dinner. Then got to camp. Set up our tents and ate dinner. There was a burn ban in effect till 8pm. Then we all sat around the campfire. It’s always a good time. Join us next time. Video and pictures by Cary Gavin.

The best time to ride is… N O W!

How to sign up and use Ride with GPS

With everything going on, it really is the best time to ride. I hope you are taking the COVID situation seriously. What does that mean: stay at home, go ride your bike, stay at least 6 ft away from anyone, only go to the grocery store once a week and don’t go anywhere else. But you can always ride your bike!

And the streets are basically empty. So it’s great riding conditions. N O W!!! Not confident? Take the online Cycling Savvy class. The online course is more than the classroom presentation since we are limited to a 3 hr format for the in person session. The online classroom material is expanded and you’ll have lifetime access to it. So when any updates are made or new material is added, you get that too. Plus, you can come to the on bike sessions and have fulfilled the classroom prerequisite. In addition, you can attend the in person classroom session since you’ve already taken the online. Why would you do that? Just in case you have some questions to ask or to make sure you comprehend all of it. It’s a lot of material. Even for me and I’ve taught the course about 30 times.

I’m ready to ride. Where to?

Use Ride With GPS. Charlotte Spokes People has a club account so you can use all the premium features for free. If we have enough members, we’ll continue to fund this. We just want to make sure it’s worth paying. Let us know what you think. (Send us an email to pamlikestobike@gmail)


Step 1: Sign up for Ride With GPS. You’ll need to set up an account for yourself.

Step 2: Join the Club account with this link. After you’ve joined, you should get this message.

Step 3: Choose a route. All the PMTNR (Plaza Midwood Tues Night Ride) and SSR (Sunday Slow Ride) routes are there. I’m not great at tagging them but some are. You can search by date or a name. I usually add the name of the Bike Benefit business we stop at in the description. So if you want to ride to Sabor, search for that. You can download the route and use voice navigation with the Club account. When you download the route, you can use it offline so you won’t use data. You only use GPS. It’s different. When using voice navigation, use a speaker or just one earbud so you can maintain your situational awareness.

The confusing thing is that the routes have to be on the Club account to use the voice navigation. All the recent routes (about 80 or so) are on both the Club account and the old Charlotte Spokes People non club account. (When you are on the Club account the background will be yellow.)

Click on the orange rectangle that says “Sign into the Club” on the right.
The yellow band at the top means you are on the Club account.

In the screenshot below, I searched for PMTNR.

From any route, you can click on Charlotte Spokes People to see all the routes. There are over 300 routes over 7 years.

From your account, you can copy any public route to the Club account. All the Charlotte Spokes People routes are there (from 2013 forward). There are more than 300 routes. And all are public.

EDIT: if you want to save a route to the Club acct, you’ll need to be a route manager. Send us an email to make the request. (pamlikestobike@gmail)

I searhced on “Greensboro” using the top right Search bar. I don’t know whose route this is.

After you copy the route, choose Save.

The option to view the route will come up. View it then and then you can save to the Club account.

Step 4: Ride.


As edited by: Anna Benton
Photos: Carl Wilson


A few years ago, I read about the S24O (sub 24 hour overnight bike camping) on the Rivendell Bicycles website.   However, the opportunity to embark on such a trip within the Charlotte area involved some difficult metrics. The closest campground is the McDowell Nature Preserve, a short 18 mile journey; yet the only plausible route involves 10-12 miles on South Tryon. South Tryon is predominantly a four lane highway with a 45 mph limit until it crosses I-485, at which point it transitions to a 55 mph limit.  Equipped with the skills learned in Cycling Savvy, I felt prepared to ride South Tryon all the way out to camp with my seven trusty companions.

Start of our trip

We convened on the little sugar Creek greenway at 3pm on a sunny Saturday. The weather was perfect.  The high was mid 80’s and the low was about 58F.  It was an impressive crew of  bikes to behold as we saddled up alongside the glimmering silver ball that abuts the Charlotte skyscape.   The group consisted of Matt, riding his carbon road bike with full Campy group, with whom we met near Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. Next, was Carl riding his handmade steel frame fully loaded with a tent, stove and provisions. Then Geoff atop camp2a Lemond road bike with his tent and gear in a messenger bag on his back.  Paul rode a Surly Big Dummy cargo bike, pulling a Burley trailer with his 2 year old son behind him, and fully loaded with tent, gear and provisions.  Anna rode her Bruce Gordon touring bike loaded with ortlieb panniers for the family.  I (Pam) was on my Rivendell Betty Foy, equipped with an Eno hammock, bug net and chair in my Green Guru Freerider Pannier and a wicker basket pannier. Amanda was on her Schwinn Varsity (called Rosalita) with panniers loaded with a hammock, home made sleepsack and down comforter.  Our bikes streamed down Charlotte streets in colors of red, black, green and blue.


In spite of our heavy loads, we made great time on the ride out and had mostly nice encounters with motorists, with the exception of a few SC drivers (SC KUD 298?).  Sure, we got an occasional honk but most people politely flowed around us. Also, by taking the lane we certainly increased our field of sight and our visibility to the drivers around us. We all commented on our relative comfort along the route and enjoyed the overall smooth journey.


We stopped around mile 16 at the Publix in Steele Creek, 3 miles away from the camp site.  Everyone picked up something for dinner and we refilled our water bottles. After that it was a quick ride to camp with Carowinds towering tall in the distance and an oasis of trees waiting for us after our journey on the pavement.


camp13 camp12

We set up camp in three large camping sites with a good mix of hammocks and tents. After that, Andrew met us with his Hobie Mirage tandem kayak (pedal driven) and took everyone out on the lake.  It was a beautiful sunset over Lake Wylie followed by a cool evening by the fire.




Great weather, great company and all around a wonderful first S24O camping trip. Come join us next time. Until then, lets get out and ride!



Happy Chinese New Year 1




Every year I review my past year on Chinese New Year.  The Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar so this year Chinese New Year is Feb. 19th. This is the year of the sheep.  I like to see how much I’ve ridden, to reflect, to see what I need to do better or differently.  Happy Chinese New Year!



Photo: Jeff Cravotta





Tin Can Annie; Photo: Wesley Johnson

My Inspiration

Please allow me to introduce you to my inspiration.  This is a photo of Tin Can Annie.  By the wonder of facebook someone posted a picture one day.  This is the lady I used to see riding her bike everywhere all the time way back in the early1990s.  She was always around Central, Plaza….   Yes, I’ve lived in Plaza Midwood since that time.  She rode day, night, rain or shine.  And she was always dressed head to toe in orange.  She was my inspiration.  You never know when someone will see you as their inspiration.  Keep riding.




Both of the rides –  PMTNR and Sunday Slow Ride are doing well.  I’m so glad people show up twice a week to ride.  We’ve had some great rides around town.  These are my 2 favorite days of the week.  Thanks for riding with me if you’ve been and if you haven’t, please join us sometime.  We have a 15 mile ride with a 10 mile stop then a 5 mile return.  A few times we’ll be a mile or two longer or shorter but that’s the idea.  I love that I meet some of the nicest, most interesting people on the rides.



Bike Miles 4,669 (last year 4,294)

Car Miles 7,000

Long distance trips 4,500

Around town 2,500

I still haven’t met my goal of 5,000 miles/year on my bike.  Maybe next year.

Cumulative bike miles 20,394

My goal is to ride my bike everywhere.  This year I remembered to track trip miles for out of town drives so I can see how much I drive around town.  I’m surprised it’s still this much but I do drive to the farmer’s market on Yorkmont every weekend since I have to be there early and I’m pressed for time on Saturday.  That’s most of the mileage.  The rest are running the kids around to the doctor, dentist, birthday parties, etc.  I don’t like to drive my car nearly as much as I love to ride my bike.


National Bike Challenge Stats: (May-Sept 2014)

5,281 points

2,241 miles

152 days ridden

#7 rank locally

#1245 rank nationally

Monthly record 489 miles

Best day 42 miles

I don’t consider myself athletic.  I just like to ride my bike.  I’m surprised I was ranked #7 for the Bike Challenge.  A few miles here and there really do add up.  You don’t have to ride far or fast just consistently.  I think I missed one day during the 5 month challenge.  I even rode when I was out of town.


Bike Benefits

My goal for Charlotte Bike Benefits was to be the largest program this year but we didn’t quite make that goal this year.  We are #2 – behind Seattle, WA by about 17 businesses.  Let me know if you have suggestions for additions to the program.  And please ride your bike and support our participating businesses so they’ll continue to be engaged and supportive of bicycling in Charlotte.  Please let the participating businesses know that you support them because they are a part of the Bike Benefits program.  They need to know it’s a positive draw for them.

Cycling Savvy Charlotte

I taught my first Cycling Savvy class in December.  I’ll be scheduling classes regularly.  Let me know when you want to take a class and we’ll make it happen.  You can now sign up for notifications on the website so you’ll know when the next class is scheduled.  Here’s the link.  I like to keep the class sizes small (less than 8 people) so everyone can get the most out of the classes.  I know everyone says “I know how to ride a bike and don’t need to take a class.”  But if you learn one thing to make riding more enjoyable, less stressful and it could save your life, it’s worth it.  Just sign up and take the class and take my word for it.  You’ll learn a lot.  I promise.  Riding a bicycle is easy.  Riding a bicycle mindfully and courteously makes every ride more enjoyable.  Come learn how you can ride anywhere.


BikeFest is planned for Sunday May 3rd.  Mark your calendars and save the date.  And better yet, help me plan it and be on the inside.  Help me make this a great event to help share the joy of bike riding in Charlotte.  Planning starts now.  You can either help plan or on the day of the event or both.  There are lots of opportunities to help support bicycling in Charlotte.  Let’s get people on a bike so they can remember the joy they had riding just like the first time they learned to ride long ago.  Email me at pamlikestobike at if you can help.  Thanks in advance.



Thanks for riding with me.  Keep inviting your friends to ride with us.  We’re filling up the calendar and have events most of the time now.  If you didn’t read it, here’s a link to the Year in Review newsletter.  As Rocky says, “Ride a Bike!”