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Charlotte Bike Challenge Prize drawings

The final prize drawings for the Charlotte Bike Challenge has been completed.  Congratulations to the following winners.  I'll be contacting all winners to arrange getting the prizes to each person.  

Thanks for riding! 


Good Bottle t shirt and sticker Jeff Shafer
Crank Mafia coozie Bethany Meredith
Crank Mafia coozie Karie Kammerer
Crank Mafia coozie Brooke Smith
Crank Mafia coozie Kevin Thompson
Crank Mafia coozie, $25 QCB gift cert, sticker, water bottle Stella Thompson
Lube nadine ford
Letty's gift cert Mark Rascio
Dilworth Eye – comprehensive exam  john speight
Patch kit Chris Hughes
Patch kit Harry Wilson
Patch kit Jason Jiggetts
Chain Rachel Guillot
Chain Alice Hicks
Diamond Gift card Geoff Endlich
Speedier Lever Michael Hernandez
Bell Delia MacMillan
Buddha dashboard cat Davede Varner

Year round bike clothing

As the temperature drops, many people think it’s too cold to ride.  And then there’s the ones who thinks it’s too hot to ride in the summer or too wet in the spring.  Actually, as the German saying goes “there’s no such thing as bag weather, just bad clothes.”   Here’s the full list.



Hot up to 100 degrees F.

  1. Wicking top
  2. Wicking shorts
  3. Vibram Five Fingers (then I don’t even need socks and they’re considered closed toe shoes)
  4. Fingerless gloves
  5. Arm Warmers – wool is best.  It’s warm even when it’s wet.
  6. Windbreaker jacket
  7. Cropped pants or knickers
  8. Thin layered shirt with short sleeves over the tank top
  9. Pants – the best pants for women are from Outlier.  They are pricey but wear well and are very comfortable.
  10. Long sleeved shirt
  11. Full fingered gloves
  12. Windproof jacket
  13. Leg warmers over yoga pants  – I have thick wool ones from Lululemon.
  14. Thick wool sweater  -Ibex has really thick sweaters.
  15. Uggs boots
  16. Wool hat with ear flaps- Ibex has one that you can fold the flaps up or down.
  17. Down ski gloves
  18. Possum wool neck gaiter from Rivendell (yes, it really is possum wool.)
  19. Wool primaloft vest

Really cold down to 17 degrees F.

When it’s raining or snowing, I bring along my rain jacket.  When the snow melts, I want to stay dry as well as warm.

This is all modular so I can adjust as needed.  One time I tried out wool long johns but they’re too hot to wear.  I sweat after a while.  If I wear leg warmers, I can take those off or roll them down if I get hot.  Your legs stay pretty warm anyway. Keep riding.  Watch the seasons change from the seat of your bike.  Ride with me all year round.