Charlotte Bike Challenge Prize drawings

The final prize drawings for the Charlotte Bike Challenge has been completed.  Congratulations to the following winners.  I'll be contacting all winners to arrange getting the prizes to each person.  

Thanks for riding! 


Good Bottle t shirt and sticker Jeff Shafer
Crank Mafia coozie Bethany Meredith
Crank Mafia coozie Karie Kammerer
Crank Mafia coozie Brooke Smith
Crank Mafia coozie Kevin Thompson
Crank Mafia coozie, $25 QCB gift cert, sticker, water bottle Stella Thompson
Lube nadine ford
Letty's gift cert Mark Rascio
Dilworth Eye – comprehensive exam  john speight
Patch kit Chris Hughes
Patch kit Harry Wilson
Patch kit Jason Jiggetts
Chain Rachel Guillot
Chain Alice Hicks
Diamond Gift card Geoff Endlich
Speedier Lever Michael Hernandez
Bell Delia MacMillan
Buddha dashboard cat Davede Varner

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