Bike Powered Parade Float

We've been building a bike powered parade float.  Thanks to Rob for building the float, Ryan for building the bike power and Marley and Grace for the construction of everything else.  Tate, Bethanie, Madison, Madison's friend and Josh and I also helped out.  Thanks to Dianna for proposing the idea and attending the mandatory meeting.  It is going to be awesome!  I'll add pictures later.  I don't think we took any tonight.  We were too tired.  Marley started early this morning and we finished up around 10 or so.  

The float will be in the first of many parades next Sunday.  The parade is the Charlotte Gay Pride parade.  And thanks to Dianna, bicycles will have a great presence in the parade.  If you'd like to volunteer to ride in the parade, please check out the facebook event page.  There is a need for 35 people.   We are in group 2 number 5. So we need to be staged by 11:00 and all the people need to be there at 12:15.  Join in on the event page or if you're not on facebook, let me know and I'll pass your info onto Dianna.

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