Ride (Your City)

This is the time of year everyone is taking pictures of their bike adventures, charity rides, bike riding in beautiful far away places.  Those things are always great and lovely but few and far between for most of us who have a family, work, have normal obligations.  Too many people only train for special events or occasions and forget about the beauty and delight of daily riding.  They get trapped in a neighborhood afraid to cross a busy street, don't make time in their daily schedule to ride their bike and end up driving everywhere while the bike collects dust.

To me a bicycle in the garage is like a caged animal wanting to be out in the sun, on the road, seeing new things and going places.  Dust off your bike that has spiderwebs and dust.  Pump up the tires, oil the chain, make sure the brakes work then just ride.  Anywhere.  Everywhere.  All the time.

See the sun set.  Watch the moon rise.  Watch the buildings light up.  Listen to the cicadas, crickets, birds, dogs.  It's always a great time to ride.  Wherever you are.  Experience all the neighborhoods of Charlotte.  We have a wonderful tree canopy.  Charlotte is a beautiful place to ride your bike.  Most streets and neighborhoods are wonderful to ride on.  Come ride PMTNR or Sunday Slow Ride with us and discover your city.

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