The National Bike Challenge

The National Bike Challenge runs from may through September this year.  Somehow it gets people to ride their bike more.  It's funny and silly that logging your miles and seeing them on a Leaderboard against other riders gets some people in rivalries.  There's 2 guys on The Charlotte Spokes People team who keep trying to best each other.  Then there's people who want to be the top man or woman on the team or in Charlotte or whatever.  I remember the first time I did the Challenge a few years back.  I was surprised how many miles accumulate just riding here and there a few miles at a time.  It's way more miles than the person who talks about loving to ride their bike 50 miles occasionally.  The people who ride the most are the most consistent riders.  The ones that NEED to ride to have a good day.  It's therapy.  It keeps them sane, happy, smiling, etc. So there's 61 more days of the Challenge.  Let's keep riding.  And smiling!

Take a look at the stats on the Local Challenge and see how everyone is doing.  We have a lot more riders than last year.  And the miles we've ridden is great!  

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