Pumps in Every Neighborhood

Here’s the most up to date list of the pumps stashed all over town in case you need some air. ┬áThere’s just about one in every neighborhood so you shouldn’t be too far away when you notice you’re tire needs a little bit of air. ┬áTry to keep your tires properly inflated to avoid pinch flats.

Plaza Midwood – Gumbo, Common Market

Commonwealth/Morningside – Bean Vegan Cuisine

NoDa – Bridsong Brewing Co.

Uptown – Belfast Mill

Elizabeth – Spoke Easy

Dilworth – East Boulevard Bar and Grille, Bulldog Beer and Wine

South End – Queen City Bicycles, Common Market

Myers Park – Sir Edmond Halley’s, BikeSource

Thanks to all the Bike Benefits businesses and members.

As the list is updated, you can check the Bicycle Benefits website and look for the pump icon.

Updated 07-20-15


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