As easy as riding a bike? Take a class.


All I want to do is ride my bike.  A lot.  I want to ride every day to every place I need to go.  Why?  Because I like to and it’s fun.  But in order to ride every day, I have to be able to return safely every day.  I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a volunteer, a citizen.  In order to ride as safely as possible I took a class on bicycle safety called Cycling Savvy.  The class was so good that I think everyone should take it.  The class taught me how to read the road markings and decipher which lanes would be the safest to ride in and how to negotiate large intersections, etc.  As we all know there are many roads that have been designed with motor vehicles as the dominant user (in terms of # of vehicles).  That’s ok.  That’s life. Look at the road and figure it out.  Knowledge is power.

Sign up and register for a Cycling Savvy class with me.  See how much you can learn.  You’d be surprised how many strategies there are to keep yourself safe.  It’s defensive bike driving.  It’s covered in a 3 day workshop.  Day 1 is a classroom session where we discuss the rules, bike safety and strategies.  Day 2 is a closed course session where we practice bike skills and drills.  Day 3 is a ride around town to put everything together.

I know many long time riders will be hesitant to sign up for the class because they think they know everything.  I can guarantee everyone can learn valuable tips.  Even though I’ve only been riding for 8 years.  I’ve logged many miles before I took the class.  After the class, I felt like things I learned have saved my life many times over.  In addition, many crashes have been avoided and my rides have been more pleasant since confrontations have been reduced.  I hope to see you in class.

Update:  It’s been about a year since I started teaching Cycling Savvy classes.  I’ve had a full range of students from people who haven’t been on a bike in 20 years to competitive triathletes.  All my students and I have all learned from each other.  I’ve noticed some students make remarkable progress in bike skills, others master communication with motorists, others master the techniques.

Here are some comments from the class:

” I took a great 3 Day cycling class called Cycling Savvy. Anyone who bikes should really consider taking it.  I learned so much and will definitely be a safer cyclist because of the class.”  – BL

“You guys – this was the most fun, educational weekend I’ve had in a while. If you bike anywhere, take this class.” – PE

“3-day cycling workshop concluded today with a tour on some of Charlotte’s busiest roads in Plaza Midwood, where we had to complete individual drills and some group maneuvers.  And we met some great folks in the class. If you’re a cyclist, definitely check out the Cycling Savvy course, which is offered nationwide. And if you’re a motorist and want to understand why we ride where & how we do, the classroom section would be beneficial for everyone who shares the road.” – CC

“Before taking this class, I had been bike commuting 3-5 times a week for a few years, and felt quite confident about my abilities to ride on the road. But since taking it, my confidence has soared and I have learned a ton about different traffic situations and how to be communicate with motorists. I now have more space and far more positive interactions with motorists  I can’t recommend it enough!” – AR

“This class was great! My confidence on the road skyrocketed. If you ride or want to – you should look into this. I was in class with triathletes and daily bike commuters. Everyone learns something!!” – CW

“I have never felt such a sense equality biking in traffic. Thanks for keeping me and other students safe!” – GF

Here’s the link to sign up.

And here’s a link to the course outline.

Full disclosure:  I am a Cycling Savvy Instructor teaching the course offered through the American Bicycling Education Association.  Each instructor receives $30 per each student for the full 9 1/2 hour course. ABEA receives $35.  ABEA is a 501c3.