the rules

New rider tips

Both of our rides, PMTNR and Sunday Slow Ride, are meant to be beginner rides.  And we have new people riding with us all the time.  Still, there's a few things I'd suggest.  

  • Any bike is usually ok to ride depending on your ability.  The best bike to bring is a bike with wider tires and a wide range of gears.
  • It is easier to ride a bike with at least 7 gears and you should know how to change gears.  
  • Make sure you can pedal for about 30 minutes without stopping.  That sounds harder than it is because you're sitting down the whole time and sometimes you're just coasting downhill.  
  • Make sure you can pedal at about the same speed as someone runs at (about 10 mph).  
  • Bring a buddy.  Stay together.  If you want to go home, go together.  
  • Pump up your tires before the ride.  Check them with a gauge and look at the tire sidewall.  You'll see a number followed by psi.
  • Bring a helmet, front white light and a red rear light.  Make sure they work.  
  • Adjust your seatpost for maximum power and to prevent your knees from hurting.
  • Show up at 30 minutes prior the meet time (this is 7:15 for PMTNR and 5:15 for Sunday Slow Ride) and make sure you don't get left.  This will give you time to check everything before we leave.
  • Review the rules before you come.
  • The ride lasts from 8 to 10:15 pm with a 15 minute break at the 10 mile mark.
  • Bring a positive attitude and have fun!